VLC Shortcuts – Your ultimate Guide 2018

Remember when you were preparing for a tough exam with ridiculously long coverage? Your problem was solved by a cheat sheet, right? Well, this site is similar to that cheat sheet, except that this is no longer your tough exam – this is for VLC. Here you will find your quick guide to VLC shortcuts. If you’re into movies and enjoy uninterrupted viewing, then this site is your best friend.

Manage VLC, Playlists, and Special Commands

Take video snapshot (set dir: Ctrl + P then Videos)

Shift + S

Record / Stop Record (set dir: Ctrl + P then Input)

Shift + R

Save playlist

Ctrl + Y

Quit VLC

Ctrl + W

Open URL (ie: Internet video address)

Ctrl + V

Open multiple files

Ctrl + Shift + O


Ctrl + Q

Preferences/ interface settings

Ctrl + P

Open Network

Ctrl + N

Open Messages

Ctrl + M

Open PlayList; press again to return to movie.

Ctrl + L

Codec Information

Ctrl + J

Media Information

Ctrl + I

Adjustments and audio/ video Effects

Ctrl + E

Open Captue device

Ctrl + C

Edit Bookmarks

Ctrl + B

Toggle wallpaper mode


Play next movie from playlist


Normal / Repeat ? Loop


Window full-screen (not equal to pressing F)


Show help


Toggle Deinterlace


Decrease/ increase subtitle delay


Most used Shortcuts

Increase Volume

Ctrl + Up

Decrease Volume

Ctrl + Down

Volume up/ down in 5% increments

Ctrl + Arrow Up/Arrow Down

Jump 1 minute forward/ backward

Ctrl + Arrow Right/Arrow Left

Jump 5 minute back or forward

Ctrl + Alt + Left or Right arrow

Jump 10 seconds forward/ backward

Alt + Arrow Right/Arrow Left

Jump 3 seconds forward/ backward

Shift + Arrow Right/Arrow Left

Subtitles on/ off


Pause or play movie


Mute and unmute audio




Exit full screen mode


Select audio track


Mouse actions

Volume or Position (see settings)

Scroll up/ down

Local menu (play controls, audio/ video)


Movie navigation

Goto time

Ctrl + T

Advanced open file

Ctrl + R

Open single file(s)

Ctrl + O

Hide Control

Ctrl + H

Open Folder (browse folder menu)

Ctrl + F

Open Disc menu

Ctrl + D

Play Recent media (in Media – Recent media menu)

Ctrl + 1 … 4

Change zoom mode


Show time


Stop movie (not pause; this stops the movie completely)


Random selecton in playlist


Play movie (from the very beginning)


Decrease/ increase audio delay


Display interface in fullscreen (repeat to remove)


Frame by Frame Mode; continue pressing E to advance one frame at a time.


Change screen Crop 16:10, 16:9, 4:3, etc.


Change Aspect ratio 16:10, 16:9, 4.:3, etc.


Adjust playback to normal (1.0x)


Increase/ decrease playback by 0.1x

[/ ]

* If there is a missing shortcut we have missed, please do inform us by filling the form below and we'll try to put it right away.

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