Our Privacy Policy

Where You Are: You Are On VLC Shortcuts

You currently find yourself in a website that aims to provide its users with services of the best qualiy, most specifically when it comes to the use of VLC and its many shortcuts. The use of this website is free for all and does not require any payment whatsoever.

What you’re reading is the privacy policy page of VLC Shortcuts. This page is updated regularly, and so it would be good to check this page from time to time so that you can keep yourself posted.

What We Take Seriously: Your Privacy

We understand that in this day and age, privacy can be a very tricky thing. One moment you thought it was just a private conversation, the next moment you find out, to your horror, that screenshots have been uploaded on the web. We empathize with you, and we are bent on making sure that nothing like this happens to you, especially with the information that you share with us.

The Information We Collect: Basic and Nothing More

Because you’re just browsing through this site, then the information that we collect from you is what we call ‘basic’. By that we mean the kind of information that websites can usually collect from you – language preference, your browser type, your referring site, as well as the date and time of your site request. It’s important for you to understand that merely visiting websites casually immediately makes all of this information accessible, which is why we call this information ‘basic’.

Why We Collect Basic Information

Collecting this data allows us to understand better the ways by which our website is used. In doing so, we also become more knowledgeable in terms of how we can further improve our site. Moreover, collecting this information allows us to exercise a degree of protection for our site, in a way that we have knowledge of our visitors, too.

Last update: November 4, 2017